685 -- Martha Alice Zolman
NAME:  ZOLMAN, Martha Alice 
BIRTH DATE: ci-rca-1864  PLACE: 
DEATH DATE:   -   -19    PLACE: 
                  BURIAL PLACE: 
FATHER:  ZOLMAN, David  [68]              MOTHER: AREHART, Lavina 

After her parents passed away, Martha Alice Zolman became a resident at the Home of the Feeble Minded at Fort Wayne.
An entry in Kosciusko County Guardianship Book 10 (page 189 - dated July 1905) states she was a person of unsound mind and William Carper was her guardian. The entry also states she was staying with her Uncle Snyder and some of the money from her mother's estate was received by the Kosciusko County Commissioner for her Partition case.
A second report dated in October 1908 stated that land in the name of David Zolman was sold for delinquent taxes for 1904-05. The guardian purchased this land for the ward (Martha Alice) and took out a deed in his and said ward's name. They then reported that rent on the land received about $7 or $8 each six months.
Also, Kosciusko County Guardianship Book 11 (pages 399 & 569) stated that money now in the hands of the guardian be paid to the superintendent of the Indiana School for Feeble Minded Youth and that the guardian be discharged from this trust. This was dated Sep. 1913, before Wilson A. Hardesty, Notary Public, Tippecanoe, Ind.

1910 census: Washington Twp., Allen County, Indiana - a resident at the Indiana School for Feeble Minded Youth. She was listed as 45 years old.
1920 census: Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana - a resident at the Fort Wayne (State Street) Indiana School for the Feeble Minded. She was listed as 55 years old.

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