68111 -- William Douglas Zolman
NAME:  ZOLMAN, William Douglas 
BIRTH DATE:   -   -1906  PLACE: Ohio 
DEATH DATE: 29-Nov-1927  PLACE: near Uniontown, Penn. 
                  BURIAL PLACE:Forest Cemetery, Fredericktown, Ohio 
FATHER:  ZOLMAN, Loren C.        MOTHER: BEERS, Stella C. 

Wrecked plane in which 2 army flyers met their death.

The tangled mess which once was the US Army Douglas O-2 plane, after it has crashed in the woods at Chestnut Ridge, near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Pilot E. R. Emery of Newark, Ohio, and mechanic William D. Zolman of Fredericktown, Ohio, were both killed when they attempted to leap from the failing machine at a distance estimated at less than 100 yards above the ground.

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